Voice over text – what is it and what's your goal?

The audio media industry is flourishing, and voice-overs are increasingly important for audio producers.

Nevertheless, the term 'voice over text' means different things to different people. For those who are looking for specific information, it can be hard to find it using this terminology.

So what does this term mean, and in what circumstances does it apply?

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What does 'voice over text' mean?

We will explore four main possible meanings of this term, although there may be others. These are:

  • Converting text to speech

  • Sample scripts and text for business and voice actors

  • Writing text for the creation of an audio script

  • Converting speech into text

When it comes to 'voice over text' there are so many options, that's why it's important to be aware of what your goal is when using the phrase.

Text-to-speech conversion

According to Google search results for the term 'voice over text', the most common association is given to the process of converting text into speech.

Taking a textual sentence and turning it into speech is both simple and difficult.

This service is offered by several platforms and businesses.

These include free synthesized voiceover services and subscription-based platforms that provide services up to the fee-for-hire VoiceBunny.

There are many ways to convert text into voice, and the reasons for doing so are just as numerous.

Some of the reasons include:

  • Accessibility for the visually impaired

  • Accessibility for those with reading impairments such as dyslexia

  • Production of advertising material

  • Audio support for video clips, video games, visual presentations

  • Overcoming language barriers (where a person can understand but not read a language or vice-versa)

  • Language learning

  • Multi-tasking (wanting to 'read' a document while doing something else)

  • Relaying the same information in multiple sensory modalities

  • Voice preservation (being able to use one recording rather than repeated vocal outputs)

Free services

According to Techradar, the following software is the best free text to speech (TTS) software of 2021 Their selection focuses on the reading aloud of text or documents.

Software like this is more geared towards personal use rather than commercial production.

Users with minimal or sporadic needs for TTS services are the ideal customers for free services.

A synthesized voice is used to create all speech output. Technology that mimics human speech is constantly improving, but it tends to sound robotic and stiff.

A subscription service might be suitable if you are looking for something with a little more choice and fine-tuning.

Subscription services

From free TTS software, three platforms offer subscription-based services. This report compiled by text2audio discusses what each one offers.

You get more access and more options when you pay more.

One of these features includes an increased number of voices from which to choose, plus the ability to alter volume and stress.

With the ability to control the final product, paid subscriptions may be more suitable for frequent or lengthy text-to-speech conversion.

The same would be true of commercial ventures such as ad campaigns or training videos.

Fee-for-hire services

Lastly, some platforms allow for a fee to be charged by clients. These include VoiceBunny, Fiverr, and Voice Crafters.

Clients can utilize platforms such as these to find voice actors who record pre-prepared scripts or texts according to their specifications.

A live recording offers a better audio quality as a result of human rather than synthesized voice.

A human voice is easier to capture than a synthetic voice, making listening to it more meaningful to the listener.

We've created this simple guide to help you choose the right voice.

What you can expect to pay will differ from platform to platform and voice actor to voice actor. It is worthwhile doing some research to figure out which platform and voice actor matches your needs best.

Sample scripts and text

When searching for 'voice over text', maybe you are not considering text to speech providers. Perhaps you want to be a voice actor.

People aspiring to become voice actors can find paid work online in today's day and age.

Building up your experience through practice is bound to hold you in good stead, and you can become a more desirable candidate to clients seeking voice-over services.

It is a blessing that some websites provide script samples for voice actors to practice their skills. One such site is Voice Actor Websites.

You can practice with a plethora of sample texts, ranging from healthcare to retail to poetry.

Practicing with these scripts can enhance your skills and broaden the range of topics you might be able to discuss professionally.

The sample can serve as a starting point for recording your work for your portfolio.

Creation of voice-over text

What about writers of voice-overs and consumers of text-to-speech conversions?

Some platforms offer tips for creating a script or text that can be voiced over.

Videos like Alconost's can be used for voice-over scripts.

Its advice extends to technical aspects of writing as well as to industry aspects such as why voice-overs take place before animation occurs.

Some people, like Connie Malamed from The eLearning Coach, speak of voice-over text stuff in more of a general sense.

Some people might decide to hire a writer rather than create their voice-over text themselves.

Among these platforms is WritingBunny, which matched clients with writers to write customized scripts.

It is usually the case that writers who have been hired in this way have worked previously with voice-over text.

If you create a script with voice-over software, then you can avoid the need to develop these skills yourself.

Converting speech into text

As we have discussed so far, the most common goal for voice producers is to convert text into voice. They are wanting to convert their speech into text.

Being unable to type or write by hand due to being preoccupied (e.g. driving a car, arm injury) can be among the physical reasons for voice-to-text conversion.

Alternatively, you might find it easier to speak out their ideas and thoughts than to write them down.

By converting these files into text without a need for transcription, the editing process is made much faster.

Techradar's list of the best voice recognition software for desktops is a must-read for 2021.

Despite improvements in voice recognition in the smart device space in the past twenty years, it seems competition is limited in the desktop arena.

You need a smart device to convert speech-to-text and experience its time-saving benefits.

The benefits of this strategy are realizing consumers want to replicate them in their workspace.

In the desktop software sector, there is likely to be more demand for voice-enabled documents and briefs, which can be created directly on your desktop.

A quick review

There are many implications and implications to the term 'voice over text', as you know.

You have a myriad of options if you need to translate your text into a voice recording.

Some of these options are free and may suit you if you're listening to a document while driving. Other options have a higher price tag but have a higher level of authenticity and professionalism.

These would be better suited to people looking for voiceovers for commercials.

There are many free voice-over texts available online, making it possible to improve your voice acting skills.

You can find plenty of advice on how to make voiceovers for your text, and if doing it yourself is not appealing or an option, there are other options available.

A writing service can assist with the development of the script.

Taking it from a different perspective, you may feel more at ease talking through your ideas than typing them down. Also, when you can't sit and type.

However, desktop software is catching up with mobile apps in terms of voice recognition.

The end game for voice-over text

It will be easier to search and find the information and services you're looking for when you understand what voice-over text means to you.

Searching for products or services can be disheartening when nothing pertinent appears. Even the terminology within the audio industry is inconsistent.

Knowledge is power. Power is ability. Put your knowledge to good use and find an ideal voice-over text solution for you.